There are times when one needs to pull out of the multiple spheres in which he is bound to operate as a result of being a part of the world around him. He needs to rise above the humongous mess and take a look at the map of intervening realities of which he is a part on the ground.

Obviously, there is a trigger for this event and this trigger can be a social push, an extremely high pressure scenario or even a voluntary break from the cycle of getting up in the morning and going back to sleep at night. Sometimes this arises as a culmination of a long session of self evaluation and realization of a need to take some definitive action, however drastic it might be. It will always lead to burning away of all the frills that had gathered around one over a long period of meaningless associations and living under the illusion of creating and nurturing relationships which have gone obsolete long back.

Its almost like cutting a tree down to its bare shank by removing all the unnecessary branches and twigs that had grown all around it and started refusing sunlight and rain to its own roots.

The output of such a pruning is not always the greatest, but sometimes, it becomes necessary nonetheless.


~ by psycho on November 19, 2009.

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