Mathura Trip

Its been really long since I went out on a trip. The upcoming 5 days of Delhi-Mathura-Agra-Delhi could well be the trip that I have been looking forward to over a long time. A trip that is mostly devoid of a fixed purpose. A trip that has no reason, nothing that justifies the rigour involved in undertaking the tiring 240 minute bus drive from Sarai Kale Khan Depot to Mathura. It’s perhaps a ploy to prove something to myself. Somewhere in me, the arbit decision maker still lives. I have not been turned into a pseudo machine. Perhaps, its just the urge of having a look at the refinery once again, inhale the stench of crude oil and sulphur, gaze at the towering distillation columns and remind myself that a part of what I am today is also a function of the two years spent in the units.

It had helped me get over the fear of large machines, high columns or electrical equipment I might have had in before. It taught me the rewards of being prudent and plan ahead and also the fact that one might have to pay with his life for being careless. The learning was good, but it came at a price,which, in the hindsight, I might not have wanted to pay.

This trip to Mathura is probably a wrap-up tour. Last time I left Mathura, I was in a hurry to leave it behind me as fast as possible. This one is only to make up for the things I missed out in the hurry. Stuff that I should have done, people I should have met, some goodbyes that I should have said before boarding my train to Delhi and from there to Asansol.

Hopefully, I shall do all that before I board my flight back to Bangalore.


~ by psycho on September 1, 2009.

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